Mark Wood: Vocals/Guitar

Mark is an American musician best know as the lead vocalist and contributing guitarist of Soulwood. Born in Sacramento, the first of 3 children all who have become musicians. Circa 1996, Mark picked up his first guitar and started playing with anyone he could(even came to school one hour early every day and played with the jazz band he never signed up for).  He joined his first real band in high school and played with them for a few years before jumping to others. Typically played backup guitar and bass. Through the years rotated through many bands, primarily metal genre. During these times Mark had been writing his own music that started and what is now Soulwood.


Ryan Stewart: Bass

Ryan, self taught guitarist since the age of 19 never really ventured into playing bass until he met Mark Wood. He fell in love with the bass guitar and was inspired by Mark's original music. Ryan and Mark formed Soulwood in 2016. Providing simple but effective basslines, he carries the low end in an undisputable manner that helps bring the distinct sound that is Soulwood.



Anthony Hernandez: Drums


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Eric Pigeon: Guitar/Vocals


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